Simulation of repurchase of credit without proof

The flexible installment payment system allows you to buy a house / shop / office / apartment with a period of time and a share of the amount of credit (revolving account available) that you specify.

Amount of Funds Can Be Borrowed

The limit on the amount of borrowed funds is highly dependent on the acceptance of the analysis of the prospective debtor’s income. In essence, the main requirement is the amount of your income. However, from this standalone calculator, you can calculate how much the installments are for various variable years or down payments.

Terms and Conditions:

After the fixed rate period ends, the prevailing interest rate is the variable interest rate (floating rate) and is reviewed every 6 months.
The Credit Details above are only a simulation / cost estimate.
Apart from the above fees, there are still: appraisal fees, life insurance, fire insurance, notary fees, and other fees. The estimated total nominal value of these costs can reach 6% of the ceiling or in accordance with applicable regulations.